Ceramic membranes offer specific advantages in separation techniques:

  • Chemical, mechanical and thermal stability
  • Ability of steam sterilization and back flushing
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High fluxes
  • High durability
  • Bacteria resistance
  • Possibility of regeneration
  • Dry storage after cleaning

Our worldwide unique inopor®-nanofiltration membrane opens up new perspectives.

New Benchmarks

  • Pore size: down to 0.9 nm
  • Retention in aqueous solution down to 450 Da
  • Latest development NF-membrane with a retention down to 200 Da
  • High permeate flux
  • Low fouling tendency
  • Stable in organic solvents
  • NF-layer with a thickness of 50 nm for low pressure drop in the membrane
  • Fine graded MF- and UF-membranes made of Al2O3, TiO2 or ZrO2 as intermediate layers
  • High-purity Al2O3- or TiO2-supports
  • Membrane elements up to 1.20 m length

Technical Progress

Modern production processes are required to overcome today`s limitations – inopor® defines a new level in ceramic nanofiltration – down to 200 Da.
inopor® can offer this leading technologie on a industrial scale today

New at inopor

Project Nanomembrane – Nanoporous ceramic membranes for sustainable water and solvent recycling by effluent free manufacture
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